Website Maintenance

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Website maintenance on the WordPress platform is essential for its overall functionality. If you have a website, it is necessary to regularly enter, change, and update its content, both for traffic on the website and for the Google search engine.

If you have a website that you do not know how to edit or do not have enough time to update the information, leave it to us.

Web Building Team is an agency that deals with both website design and redesign. Additionally, we offer website maintenance services that will improve its visibility on the search engine. Therefore, thanks to updating and SEO adjustments, the website will rank better on Google, and you will also be closer to your customers or clients.


Every website is a “living organism” that needs to be supplemented with new content and updated add-ons.
Održavanje sajta web building team (1)

Just like the applications on your phone that need occasional updates, websites also need updates in order to be functional and usable.

In addition, for ranking on Google search, it is necessary to periodically add and modify content on the website.


  • Updating plugins (updating add-ons on the site)
  • Adding products (if you have an online store)
  • Adding pages to the site
  • Modifying pages on the site
  • Writing blog posts (one SEO blog per week)
  • Periodic website backup
  • Monthly website traffic statistics
  • Periodic testing of website functionality
  • Text optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Website virus cleaning

With regular website maintenance, it will rank better and be more secure on Google searches. You will also be noticed and more attractive to your customers. Remember that your website is also a mirror of your business.


A quality website will present you in the best light to your customers, just like carefully crafted content on social media. In today’s digital world, it is necessary to be careful with every step and be in trend. Feel free to contact us. Your website is our concern!